Who is an Enterprise Architect & What do they do

Posted by Abhishek on January 03, 2020


Enterprise Architect focusses on working the chief executives of an organization in deciding the high-level direction that an organization/enterprise needs to take from a technology standpoint.

Enterprise Architects usually have the following traits:

  1. Analyze the Business Structure & Processes of the organization
  2. Use the Quantitative & Qualitative data collected from internal & external systems to the goals of the organization
  3. They measure & evaluate if existing products/platforms/tools/technologies are used effectively and efficiently to achieve the goals of the organization
  4. They take adequate steps to keep the business operations running with the help of technology
  5. Work with the Infrastructure teams on ensure optimal use of resources to keep the organization expenditure under control
  6. Work on Enterprise Design (to align the IT and Business concerns)
  7. Work on Enterprise Integration (achieve greater coherency between the various departments/divisions of an enterprise)
  8. Work on Ecosystem Adaptation (foster and maintain the learning capabilities of enterprises so that they are sustainable)
  9. Critical in adopting changes/innovation in the organization

The benefits of enterprise architecture are achieved through its direct and indirect contributions to organizational goals. It has been found that the most notable benefits of enterprise architecture can be observed in the following areas:

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