Who is a Technical Architect & What do they do

Posted by Abhishek on January 03, 2020


Technical Architect (also known as Application Architects) is usually the leader of the engineering team that develops a project/product.

The Technical Architect usually has the following traits:

Specialized in a particular Domain/Application/Stack Focussed on a single project/application. Strong Knowledge in Application Modeling Understands the business processes of the organization or the application Aims to increase modularity, scalability, performance, deployability & other non-functional aspects of an application Works with the team on the very detailed Application Design Collaborates with the development team on solving critical technical blockers Helps strategize deployment of a project Because a Technical Architect plays within the scope of a domain/product/application, they are often called “Domain Architect”/ “Product Architect” / “Application Architect”. Some organizations term them as “Technical Architect” in general.

Traditionally, an employee can only become a Technical Architect if he/she possess 10+ years of experience in the Industry. But nowadays, that 1980 mindset is gone. Now, anyone can become a Technical Architect as long as they know their roles & responsibilities, and have a strong hand on the duties, skills, and knowledge that an architect needs to perform. It’s very easy to say that in a sentence that anyone can become an architect. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to reach this level. Also, remember that no certification in the world can prove that you are an Architect. That’s just some company taking some money as certification costs and giving you a certificate.

As a competent technical architect, you really need hands-on knowledge & deep problem-solving capabilities.

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