Who is a Solution Architect & What do they do

Posted by Abhishek on January 03, 2020


Solution Architect focusses on defining the system & its interactions from a problem domain level. Notice that Solution Architecture is more abstracted than Technical Architecture.

A Solution Architect usually has the following traits:

Has a deep understanding of the Architectural approaches for systems & sub-systems interactions Works with Technical Architects to solution the system from a business, information & technical standpoint [strategic perspective] Work with the Business on Solution Ideation (including Request for Information [RFI], Request for Proposal [RFP] and Prototype Development) Works with the Technical Leadership on Solution Design (develops the roadmap of the selected solution including high-level estimation) Works with the Development Team & Architects on Solution Implementation (communicates with project stakeholders and guides the implementation team) A solution architect requires more knowledge than a Technical Architect but not necessarily hands-on. The ability to understand business decisions, time to market strategy, competitor analysis, evaluation of competing technologies, choosing the correct solution that gives the organization competitive advantage over others in the market, a sound understanding of prototyping & wireframing, strong communication skills and leadership skills are very essential for a Solution Architect.

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