The State of Salesforce Developers

Posted by Abhishek on February 18, 2020

Salesforce General

I am writing this blog to basically put my thoughts on the state of salesforce developers. This is not to defame or criticize anyone or any company. I am just trying to share what I see, hear and feel about developers in salesforce ecosystem.

It is a fact that any Salesforce developer that you meet will have the following strengths and weakness. This is a consistent trend everywhere.

What Salesforce developers know?

  1. Very good grasp on salesforce administration
  2. Somewhat good knowledge in salesforce customizations
  3. Knowledge of products in salesforce ecosystem (at least 2 or 3 like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc)
  4. Know Apex Coding and Testing Best Practices as recommended by Salesforce
  5. Certified individuals (mostly). Possess more than 1 certification.
  6. Some are so young and they possess System Architect Certifications.
  7. Know about good apps and components in AppExchange.

What Salesforce developers lack?

It’s true that Salesforce is a powerful CRM and the job opportunities are huge. The hype that its community creates is exciting and motivating. But I feel sad that every person who choses Salesforce as their career from their initial days are not rightly guided to be great programmers and platform experts. If there becomes a need for a Salesforce programmer to shift to a different technology (for better opportunity/company reasons), they should have the right understanding of Programming Fundamentals, Concepts, Patterns, Data Structures and Algorithms to be successfull in their career.

The fact (as of today) is that most of the salesforce professionals (newbies to seniors) that I have met through community interactions or interviews accepts the fact that they are stuck with Salesforce. And that they are worried about their career growth if for some reason they have to switch technologies/platforms.

Definitely, something has to be done to fix this problem. Let me know on what you feel and how can we help people become successful and not get stuck/stagnant.

Thanks for reading this post. Enjoy !!
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