Speaking Engagements

Date Topic Venue
14 Apr 2020 Trigger Optimization Framework in Salesforce Kochi, India
09 Aug 2019 .NET Core API with Swagger Kochi, India
29 May 2019 Creating Better Software Designs with StarUML - For Engineering Professors Adi Shankara Engineering College, Kalady, Kerala, India
04 May 2019 Career on the Cloud for Engineering Students Adi Shankara Engineering College, Kalady, Kerala, India
08 Nov 2017 Apex Code Audit Analyzers San Francisco, USA
17 Dec 2017 1 Day Workshop on Design Patterns PGS Vedanta Business Hotel, Kochi, India India
23 Jun 2016 Social Media and Developer Evangelism Kochi, India
08 Oct 2016 SOQL Performance Tuning and the Multi-Tenant Query Optimizer San Francisco, USA
12 Oct 2015 Scheduler Dispatcher Framework in Force.com Platform Youtube
21 Nov 2014 Identity Management on Cloud with Web Services SCMS Business School, Kochi, India
06 Nov 2014 Social Sign On with OpenID Connect Youtube
15 Oct 2014 OpenID Connect and Single Sign-On for Beginners San Francisco, USA
07 Feb 2014 Seamless Integration of .NET and Force.com Canvas Youtube