Skills needed by Architects

Posted by Abhishek on January 04, 2020


Architects usually play special LEADERSHIP role in a project. Ideally, a competent architect is

The Skills Needed for a Software Architect is broadly classified into 3 areas:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Work Skills

Communication Skills

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Outward Communication [architect communicating to others]– Ability to make Oral and Written Communications and Presentations
– Ability to Present and Explain technical information to diverse audiences
– Ability to transfer knowledge
– Ability to persuade
– Ability to see from and sell to multiple viewpoints
Inward Communication [others communicating with architect]– Listen
– Interview
– Consult
– Negotiate
– Understand
– Express Complex Topics

Interpersonal Skills

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Within the Team– Being a Team Player
– Work effectively with superiors, colleagues, and customers
– Maintain constructive working relationships
– Work in a diverse team environment
– Inspire creative collaboration
– Build consensus
With Other People– Demonstrate Interpersonal skills
– Being Diplomatic and Respecting Others
– Mentor Others
– Handle and Resolve Conflict

Work Skills

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Leadership– Making Decisions
– Take Initiatives and Being Innovative
– Demonstrate Independent Judgement
– Being Influential
– Command Respect
Workload Management– Work well under pressure
– Plan
– Manage Time
– Estimate
– Support Wide Range of Issues and Work on Multiple Complex Projects concurrently
– Effectively Prioritize and Execute Tasks in a High-Pressure Environment
Skills to Excel in Corporate Environment– Think Strategically
– Work under general supervision and under given constraints
– Organize Workflow
– Sense where the power is and how it flows in an organization
– Do what it takes to get the job done
– Be Entrepreneurial
– Be Assertive without being aggressive
– Receive Constructive Criticism
Skills for Handling Information– Be Detail Oriented while maintaining overall vision and focus
– See the Big Picture Deal with Abstraction
Skills for Handling the Unexpected– Tolerate Ambiguity
– Take and Manage risks
– Solve Problems
– Be Adaptable
– Be Flexible
– Be Open-Minded
– Be Resilient
– Do the Juggling that is necessary to deploy software projects successfully

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