Non Technical Duties to be performed by Architects

Posted by Abhishek on January 04, 2020


An obvious implication, for those of you who wish to be architects, is that you must pay adequate attention to the non-technical aspects of your education and your professional activities.Generally, the non-technical duties to be performed by an architect includes:

  1. Management Duties
  2. Organization and Business Related Duties
  3. Leadership & Team Building Duties

Management Duties

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Managing the Project– Help with budgeting and planning
– Follow budgetary constraints
– Perform sizing and estimation
– Perform migration planning and risk assessment
– Take care of or oversee configuration control
– Create Development Schedules
– Measure results using quantitative metrics and improve both personal results and the team’s productivity
– Identify and Schedule Architectural Releases
Managing the People– Build “trusted advisor” relationships
– Co-ordinate
– Motivate
– Advocate
– Delegate
– Act as a supervisor
Supporting the Management– Provide Feedback on appropriateness and difficulty of the project – Advise the project manager on the tradeoffs between software design choices and requirements choices
– Provide input to software project manager in the software project planning and estimation process
– Serve as a “Bridge” between the technical team and the project manager
Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Supporting the Organization– Grow an architecture evaluation capability in the organization
– Review and Contribute to research and development efforts
– Participate in the hiring process for the team
– Help with product marketing Institute and oversee cost-effective software architecture design reviews
– Help Develop Intellectual Property
Supporting the Business– Translate Business Strategy into Technical Vision and Strategy
– Influence the Business Strategy
– Understand and Evaluate Business Processes
– Understand and Communicate the Business Value of Software Architecture
– Help the Organization meet its Business Goals Under Customer and Market Trends
– Identify, Understand and Resolve Business Issues
– Align Architecture with the Business Goals and Objectives

Leadership and Team Building Duties

Specific DutyExamples of Duties
Providing Technical Leadership– Mentor Other Architects
– Produce Technology Trend Analysis or Roadmaps
Building a Team– Set Team Context/Vision
– Build the Architecture Team and align them with the vision
– Mentor Junior Architects
– Educate the team on the use of the Architecture
– Maintain Morale, both within and outside the architecture group
– Foster the professional development of team members
– Coach teams of software design engineers for planning, tracking, and completion of work within the agreed plan
– Mentor and coach staff in the use of software technologies
– Work both as a leader and as an individual contributor

One immediate observation you should make is how many non-technical duties there are. As mentioned earlier, DUTIES are the primary responsibility of an Architect which includes both Technical and Non-Technical.

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