Backend with NodeJS

Posted by Abhishek on April 01, 2020

NodeJS Deep Dive

In this blog, you will learn how to create backend for your application using NodeJS.

Object Oriented Programming Principles

Posted by Abhishek on February 25, 2020


In this post, we will learn the history, advent and features/principles of Object Oriented Programming Principles (OOPS). As an aspiring developer/senior developer/architect, you need to very well understand these principles and apply it to real world problems.

Polly Retry Policies

Posted by Abhishek on February 20, 2020


If you have followed my blog on implementing “Retries using Polly in .NET Core”, then this blog will make more sense to you. In this blog, we will understand how many different techniques of Retry policies can be used in Polly.

Retries using Polly in .NET Core

Posted by Abhishek on February 19, 2020


In this blog, we will look at a common scenario where we have to call an API endpoint and handle retries efficiently in .NET Core. For this purpose, we will be using a library called as “Polly“.

The State of Salesforce Developers

Posted by Abhishek on February 18, 2020

Salesforce General

It is a fact that any Salesforce developer that you meet will have the following strengths and weakness. This is a consistent trend everywhere. I am writing this blog to basically put my thoughts on the state of salesforce developers. This is not to defame or criticize anyone or any company. I am just trying to share what I see, hear and feel about developers in salesforce ecosystem.

What are Design Patterns

Posted by Abhishek on February 12, 2020

Design Patterns Architecture

Design Patterns has nothing to do with algorithms or programming constructs/concepts (like loops, big-o complexity, etc). Instead, Design Patterns guide you to structure the classes and how they should collaborate. Here, we will understand what Design Patterns are & what different categories of patterns are there.