Things to know about API Security

Posted by Abhishek on May 20, 2018


Enterprises having greatly embraced SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) which helps to decouple different subsystems in such a way that we can expose & reuse these without having to break & build existing systems. In this context, securing an API is an absolute must for enterprises. In this blog, I would like to share few things...

Speaking at TechWizz’17 on Design Patterns

Posted by Abhishek on December 17, 2017


Today, I had the honour of speaking at the TechWizz 2017 – a technical event on Design Patterns in Object Oriented Programming organized by Bridge Global at PGS Vedanta Business Hotel in Kochi, Kerala, The event started with an official inauguration where Mr.Krishna, CEO of Bridge Global India addressed the gathering with his thoughts on how...

Do Software Professional Meet Industry Standards?

Posted by Abhishek on October 19, 2017


Are you a Software Developer who feels stagnant? OR Are you a Technical Recruiter not getting quality candidates in Software Development? Then, I believe this blog is for you to read. Many a times you will come across people (whom we call as a Techie) in life. The fact is there are many such characters...