Architect Corner

Architects are the most respected & senior-most individuals in the Software Industry because of their deep understanding of fundamentals as well as the specific knowledge of products/platforms. In addition to these, architects also perform some project management responsibilities & leadership roles too. This makes them the most valuable people in an organization.

Almost 60-70% of the architects you will see in the industry are usually not competent because they spent so much time in their career on a single product/platform without focussing on the fundamentals & problem-solving capabilities.

An architect requires a sound understanding of his/her roles & responsibilities, strong knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals, expertise in any product/platform as well as project management methodologies.

Roles & Responsibilities

As an architect or an aspiring architect, you need to understand who an “Architect” is, what kinds of “architects” are there in the industry, and their roles & responsibilities. Some people get this itself wrong and spend so much time in their career and get stagnant. You don’t want to be making this mistake at the first place.


Data Structures & Algorithms
Architectural Principles
Protocols & Services
Compliance Standards


You should have enough experience working on any of the following leading products/platforms like:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) /ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
CMS (Content Management System)
BPM (Business Process Management)

Project Management